Pricing for dedicated managed services

Pricing for managed dedicated resources.


From shared to dedicated

$200 /mo

Buy Bronze

What's included

  • 100GB database server
  • 3x backend instances
  • 1TB storage


Redundancy for peace of mind

$300 /mo

Buy Silver

What's included

  • 38GB database server
  • 2x database read replicas
  • 5x backend instances
  • 2TB storage


Handle more requests per second

$400 /mo

Buy Gold

What's included

  • 38GB database server
  • 2x database read replicas
  • 12x backend instances
  • 3TB storage


Dedicated team to your resources

$500 /mo

Buy Platinum

What's included

  • 115GB database server
  • 2x database read replicas
  • 20x backend instances
  • 4TB storage

All plans include a dedicated load balancer and bandwidth equivalent to 1TB per backend instance.

How to connect to your dedicated instances?

You'll receive a custom URL to connect to your dedicated backend API. You'll be able to pick which region you'd want your resources deployed.

Are there setup fees?

We're charging $100 setup fees to cover the time to set up all the infrastructure, including the load balancer, private network, backend instances, and database dependencies services.

Will new releases be installed?

Yes, we make sure your backend instances are up-to-date with the latest release. You have two options. You may opt-in to get the new releases as soon as they're available, or you may wait one month after the release to get the updates.

Does this include monitoring?

Yes, all plans have a 1-hour delay before investigating an issue on Montreal (Eastern Date Time) business hours 9 to 5. Outside of business hours, there's a 6 hours buffer. The Platinum plan has a 2 hours delay 24x7.

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