The no vendor-lock-in backend as a service

A backend for your client-side applications and static websites that grows with you.

Let us handle the high availability infrastructure and focus on your client-side code (web and/or mobile).

Get three months free.

If you join the waiting list, you'll get three months for free and a 20% lifetime discount on your subscription.

This offer ends when we launch, make sure to pick your spot in line.

code preview for the database calls


Get a redundant and highly available database without thinking about infrastructure.

Users management

Let your users create accounts and login to access their data. All requests need authentication.

Flexible hosting

From fully managed to self-hosting to open source, you'll have all the flexibility you need.

We want to help you get started quickly with your idea.

Don't lock you in

Don't plague your code base with vendor specific code.

We get it, you don't want or have time to build a backend. The compromise should not affect your project in the long terms.

You should not change how you're used to build client-side applications when using a BaaS (backend as a service).

We propose a different approach

Our backend respond to standard HTTPS calls. A good ol' REST API that accepts and returns JSON.

Use it like you would use your API. Our goal is to limit the amount of code you would need to change if you were to use a different solution.

Start by using the fully managed services than update to a self-hosted scenario.

You want something custom or need the control, no problem. We offer a licensed open source version that you can use in your organization.

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