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Launch your app faster.

StaticBackend is an open source self-hosted backend server API. It provides all common building blocks for your web and mobile applications. 1-file single binary hostable on a cheap $5/month VM.

Get started with the self-hosted version


Choose between PostgreSQL or MongoDB. Nothing to install for local development. Use the in-memory database engine.

Users management

Create accounts and users. Let your user log in and reset their password. It's all built-in.


Let users join channels to exchange data. React to database updates in less than 10 lines of code.

Cloud storage

Uploading and serving files are needed frequently for most applications. StaticBackend bundle with multiple options.

Schedule tasks

Use schedule tasks to send onboarding emails, trial expiration cleanup, Slack notifications. Calls built-in function or URL from schedule or system event.

Like having a backend team

The mission is to handle all common backend functionalities. If something is missing, ask or, better yet, contribute.

User registration code preview

Simple user management

Create an account for your users. Each account can have multiple users, and each user has a role. This structure enables you to build flexible applications and access control pages.

You get a session token when authenticating users you use on all subsequent calls to the backend API.

You're also getting a mechanism to let your users reset their passwords.

User management documentation

Your database

You have full CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete) operations with your database. The query engine can handle all your standard and advanced web and mobile application needs.

You can apply an extremely flexible permissions scheme to your repositories. A repository is a collection of documents.

At any time, you may export your data, including your users and their encrypted password. We're using Bcrypt. If you were to decide to move away from StaticBackend, you would never be locked in here in any way.

Database documentation

Database code preview
WebSocket code preview

Real-time experience in your app

You have a complete WebSocket communication protocol with your StaticBackend app. Not only are you getting real-time database events but a fully channel-based infrastructure to build a real-time experience in your application.

Build collaborative document editing, chat, games, etc. Your users join channels, and they exchange data with other channel members. Reserved channels for data inserts, updates, and deletes exist so your application can react to real-time database events and adjust accordingly.

Your only concern is to check for your plan's concurrent connections limit. Everything else is on us.

WebSocket documentation

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