Local development

Starting the server

We’ve built a development server that has an exact mapping of the production API.

You can build your application against StaticBackend without paying a subscription while you’re in the build phase.

Make sure your current working directory is the root of your project and run the following command:

backend server

By default the server listen on port 8099. You can change that by passing a port to the server command:

backend server -p 8088

No data persistence

The development database has no data persistence. When the server has stopped, the data you’ve added and modified is destroyed.

Let us know if you’d like to have an option to persist your data from server restarts. We’re still in beta and are curious to know what makes your experience better.


The /query/table-name endpoint only supports equal and not equal clauses.

You can still use >, <=, etc, but they will not have an effect on the filtering of results.

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