Getting started

StaticBackend CLI v1.0.0-beta1

We’ve created a CLI (command-line interface) which offers the following functionalities.


You may download the latest version from the GitHub release page.

There’s a binary version for Linux, Mac and Windows for 32 and 64 bit architecture. If you’re not sure, you probably want the 64 bit version.

You can also download it via a curl call:

$ curl -L -o backend.gz \

Replace linux with mac or windows in the URL above. For Windows add .exe between bit and .gz example: binary-for-windows-64-bit.exe.gz.

The downloaded file is compressed to make it faster to download.

This next command decompresses it, replacing backend.gz with backend.

gunzip backend.gz


gzip -d backend.gz

Every file has “permissions” about whether it can be read, written, or executed.

So before we use this file, we need to mark this file as executable:

chmod +x backend

The backend file is now executable. That means running ./backend --help should work.

But we want to be able to say backend --help without specifying the full file path every time. We can do this by moving the backend binary to one of the directories listed in your PATH environment variable:

sudo mv backend /usr/local/bin


You may run backend to see the usage. For the version v1.0.0-beta1, only the local development server is available.

You can start building your application locally.

Eventually, this tool will allow you to manage your backend database, add indexes, export your data, view form submissions, etc.

We are actively working on this tool to make sure you have the best experience possible building and managing your applications.

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