Cache, send email, etc

Access a growing list of commun web applications helper functions.

We want StaticBackend to have a rich set of re-usable common functionalities for typical web applications. Now that the core pieces are there, we can bring you more value for your applications.

Some of those advanced features are only available from the server-side for security reasons. You have multiple options. You can have an effortless server-side application between your frontend app and StaticBacken. Or you might opt to use an existing function-as-a-service provider that calls StaticBackend API.

Here are the functionalities that are available today. Since we’re also using StaticBackend to build SaaS, we’re adding new functions as we encounter the need.

Caching: You may store objects in a cache. It’s handy for external integrations to keep state, for instance.

Send emails: Your application can now send emails. Proper for all types of applications.

Send SMS text messages: You can send SMS text messages. You’ll require a Twilio account with an active phone number.

Resize images: You may specify a maximum width for images your users upload. The original width and the max width ratio’s apply to the height. Only the resized image is saved. You receive the ID and the URL of the resized image.

Convert URL to PDF and PNG: You may convert a URL (web page) to a complete PDF or a PNG screenshot. This function is helpful to create reports from HTML page you’d like to send to your users,

If you need something specifics, do not hesitate to let us know.

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